what I do
› Plan and prepare event and sponsoring concepts
› Execute concepts
› Engage target groups
› Deepen relationships with target groups
› Ensure brand messages are consistent, and more…

My expertise and experience in marketing is throughout the chain.
I have been involved in challenging national and international marketing projects.
My proudest marketing accomplishments is within events and sponsoring.

My strength is identifying target groups and finding creative solutions to communicate with them.

who I am
I see myself as a creative marketing expert with a proven track record.

My values in work
People | Sincerity | Customer orientation | Passion to progress | Entrepreneurship

My objective
is to exceed expectations

My character
Entrepreneurial | Curious | Creative | Enthusiastic | Initiative | Hardworking | Cooperative | Humble | Multi talented | Trustworthy | Common sense | Sense of humor | Sporty | International

My fluent languages
Finnish | Swedish | English | German
Italian under process.

My private life
Married to Nina since 1993 and together we have two grown up children Carla (-94) and Casper (-96)

Outsourcing option?
Outsourcing gains popularity also in marketing! Benefits are saving fixed costs, saving time and money to find and hire someone. Outsourcing gives the opportunity to bring in additional resources when you need them and release them when you’re done. Why not have and expert with an external view as your right hand who gets the job done.
Contact info
Phone: +358 (0)40 192 6656
Email: enykopp@me.com