Why a renovation plan?
Residents may be primarily interested in the possibilities of flipping an apartment, make it more effective, see how old or new furnitures fit, and how they look in the apartment (3D images). You can also see how the rooms in reality with a 3D picture.

Processing the original space…opportunities, needs, etc.

…also housing companies and authorities (depending on the extent of the project) require a plan for the renovation.
The plan also documents the changes.
The renovation plan instructs workers and suppliers (e.g. kitchen).
The plan makes it easy to apply for offers from different providers, e.g. workers, installers, Kitchen- and Bathroom suppliers.
The plan also teaches the resident to understand what it’s all about, and what might be possible and worthwhile to do yourself if you want to save money.

Well planned is half done!
My experience as a home designer is to understand the everyday life of the families and their needs of space, and to design a stylish functional home for them accordingly.

Feedback from a property manager: ”thank you for presenting a renovation plan drawn up in a clear and professional manner”.

Plan price: from €500 + VAT
According to the project… the introductory visit is foc.
I spend 5-7 days on the project.

About me

I plan, build and restore my own houses.

I am creative, I have visions and experience!

During the years I have sparred with architects, designers and installers. I’ve learned a lot from them, but I’ve noticed that I’ve equally had valuable thoughts and solutions to offer them.

Enthusiasm and years of experience with different types of houses from different time periods have taught me a lot, but I also have a Technical Property Manager degree.

A Technical Property Manager understands the whole of renovations, repairs and modification work.

Let’s be in touch

Email: enykopp@me.com
Tel: 0401926656