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Don’t mess up a great brand with logos. Respect the Club/Brand, be a proud sponsor of it!

Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing in many countries and one of my favorate subjects. Sponsoring is a great marketing tool if you do it right. Sponsoring is a lot more than logo visibilty and customer events.

In Finland we still lack a sponsoring culture mainly do to:

  1. out dated National Sports Federations… who still collect the sponsoring money, but unfortunately most of the money is spent on bureaucracy instead of sports.
  2. Sponsoring in Finland is logo exposure. Non existing sponsoring culture (= potential).

However, I believe in a new sports marketing culture in Finland. There are great sponsoring- and event opportunities by thinking outside the box. We have some great success stories.

Sponsoring offers a lot of great opportunities to connect your brand to your target group with passion, and create positive images and values.

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Outsourcing option?
Outsourcing gains popularity also in marketing! Benefits are saving fixed costs, saving time and money to find and hire someone. Outsourcing gives the opportunity to bring in additional resources when you need them and release them when you’re done. Why not have and expert with an external view as your right hand who gets the job done.
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